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We Make Claims Easy


This depends on the circumstances of your claim and how quickly the original adviser deals with it. There are required timescales that must be considered and we will ensure that your claim is chased on a regular basis.

Usually any successful claim will result in your pension fund increasing in value by the amount of compensation agreed. In the case of a mis-sold investment, you will receive your compensation directly from the company, less our fee.

In most cases it is beneficial to leave benefits in a Final Salary Pension scheme. If you have been advised to transfer away without having been fully explained the risks of giving up a guaranteed, index linked pension, then you will definitely have a legitimate claim.

Not necessarily. It depends on the advice given. Poor investment performance in itself is not a reason to claim. If you have been invested in funds that did not match your risk rating or the charges and commissions were not fully explained, you may have a legitimate claim.

Yes! We will make a claim directly to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) if we consider your claim legitimate.

It depends. Income Drawdown Pension plans are suitable for certain clients who usually have above average risk profiles. If you were not given a full written Suitability Report detailing the risks and costs and showing a comparison Annuity quote, you may have a legitimate claim.

You cannot make a claim for poor investment performance, but you can if the investment recommendation did not suit your risk profile or the risks were not explained properly. This is deemed as inappropriate advice.

If you have been recommended to switch out of a cash account or ISA and into a riskier bond, Structured Bond, Investment ISA/OEIC or Unit Trust and have lost money as a result, you can now apply to be compensated if the risks were not clearly explained at the outset.

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