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About Us

Over the past two decades, many people have been inappropriately advised to transfer their existing Pension plans to more expensive and higher risk policies. Assist.Claims was formed to offer the public an opportunity to seek financial compensation for investment and pension claims. As such, if you believe that you may have been mis-sold a Pension or Investment by a Bank or any other Financial Adviser, we may be able to help you.

Our Partners have invaluable experience in the Pension and Investment Advice businesses and we guarantee that any potential claimant will speak personally to one of the Partners before a decision is made to proceed further.

Why Work In Partnership With Assist.Claims?

Our two Partners, Gary Naylor and Ken Hanning have extensive Industry experience with FSCS claims: Gary as an IFA for many decades, and Ken working on the provider side of financial services.

We have used this experience and expertise to achieve superb results for clients. For example, we have to date won 82% of FSCS claims – well above their most recently published average.

We have also dramatically reduced timescales for clients. Our research and investigation work has had many powerful results, not simply higher than average awards for clients, but also overturning previously rejected claims. Giving your clients access to our experience and successful track record is a positive step.

FCA Regulation From April 2019 Will Impact Advisers

As you may know, the impact of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation on financial services claims management activities will affect all regulated advisers.

The following activities will now come under the FCA’s regulation of claims management work. Giving clients guidance on the merits of a claim; explaining and assisting the process for making a claim; explaining how to present a claim; and explaining how to appeal against decisions – will all fall under FCA regulation. Advice firms will either have to apply for claims management regulation permissions, or refer clients to experienced firms like ours, or not get involved in claims management activities.

Expert And Professional

We should be clear that this is all that we do. we do not pursue any other form of claims – for example we don’t do PPI etc. This is important to us. Our business model is established to accept clients that are referred to us by their adviser, or who find us via Google searches etc. We do not, and we never have, bought data lists. we have never been involved in cold calling, or sending text messages or emails directly to potential clients. That would be against our ethics and standards.


You can contact Gary directly on gary@assist.claims , or Ken on ken@assist.claims, or call either of us on 0800 254 5066, free.

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Assist.Claims is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 829829

VAT Number: 294 1070 10


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